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Enterprise Resource Planning has its origin in the 1960s. It is a methodology designed to manage various organizational processes such as customer relationship, IT management and human resource / payroll in an integrated and unified package.

Modules that come under ERP are:

  • 1-Production
  • 2-Human Resource/Payroll
  • 3-Sales & Distribution
  • 4-Finance
  • 5-Stock

Security signifies accessibility privileges. It provides a secured Policy Management Rules for authorized and unauthorized accessibilities. There are two main phases i.e. Authentication & Authorization, which decides who can access what.

Security domain is responsible for managing correct access resource to the right person. Development &implementation pyramid requires codebase & delay sign. The end level client security demand login authorization operation behavior security.

Organization and CRUD structure represents the hierarchy of accessibility of information, sharing rule, display policy and many more. Application Pyramid provides the creator, modifier, ownership security. Security domain provides all level security controllers to check and authenticate for next level process.


Service Oriented Domain is much sought after in the IT industry because of its unique perspectives that enable smooth flow of services with a proper communication channel to the client. Services provided include data, functionality and security access rules for multiple clients all over the globe.

There are two important applications that facilitate services, they are:

  • 1-Service Provider Application – This application provides computer services to the clients such as access to a specific software application and using a standard protocol.
  • 2-Client Application – This application is the name of the client and services framework provided by Service Provider Application. Service domain is not affected by the technology being used in the client application.

Social Media Domain deals with web based communicational channels by creating highly interactive public platforms through which individuals, communities and organizations can share, create and discuss information globally.

Social media has highly influenced the way individuals and organizations communicate in present times. It differs from paper based or manual communication as there is provision for communicating ideas and thoughts in the form of videos, animations, images, text, etc.

In contemporary market social media domain has huge scope and implications such as marketing, promotion, data analysis, market analysis, research, etc.


A Cross Information Domain provides information about various application domains in a manner that information can be interpreted by various technology domains so that they can process it to gain meaningful output.

Cross Information Domain is also responsible to transfer and format information in a way that it is incompatible to security domains at various levels.

Objectives of Cross Information Domain are:

  • 1-Data Confidentiality
  • 2-Data Integrity
  • 3-Data Availability

Technical support team generally deals with after sales services to the clients. These services are specifically customized and are rendered for better product use. This domain consists of people who are technical experts as they design applications that maximize user satisfaction.

Technical support domain is responsible for maintaining a cordial relationship with the organizations’ clients. They entertain queries and give their solutions, register feedbacks and give better maintenance advice to the clients.


Nowadays clients do not prefer single computer based solutions but prefer distributed application domain by which applications can be operated through different terminals.

There are many implementation circumstances of distributed applications such as one-tier, two-tier, three-tier and N-tier. A Distributed Application Domain fundamentally implements on the basis of subscriber and publisher’s behavior.

The main objective is to reduce load, increase efficiency and facilitate multitasking. A distributed application has following traits:

  • 1-Enlarges the server model.
  • 2-Establishes multiple server groups.
  • 3-Enables data–dependent division of data

Mobile application domain is the new trend in the technological advancements nowadays. The demands of user friendly mobile applications have wide reach today as a lot of people now depend much on mobiles than PCs and laptops.

While designing a mobile application we consider clients’ preferences and come up with an interface which is highly customized and efficient enough to accomplish organizational goals.


E–Learning is a comprehensive domain for education industry to monitor their entire computer based solutions. It is a learning process designed for high quality education through latest technologies such as teleconferencing, web modules, etc.

E–Learning is simply education without any physical interaction between teacher and student. Many well known organizations have begun to implement E–Learning as a tool for employee training.


Cloud Computing is seen as a breakthrough in IT industry because with cloud computing every organization irrespective of its size can get internet services in a very simple manner.

In simple words cloud computing is a method in which a group of multiple servers are interconnected to each other to provide services through internet. Cloud computing benefits businesses in various ways and fosters efficiency.

On the basis of requirements services are broadly divided into 3 types, they are:

  • 1-IAAS – Infrastructure As A Service ( Hardware & Network Services)
  • 2-SAAS – Software As A Service ( Readymade Application Software Services)
  • 3-PAAS – Platform As A Service ( For Developers – For Development, Integration & Execution)

Hospitality industry is a congregation of various services such as event planning, transportation, lodging, etc. The industry has very broad prospects and is facing numerous challenges in current market conditions.

This domain needs effective service management tools and reduced operational costs through technological excellence in order to generate growth.

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